Sun Girl : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

Narrator’s POV: There was once a girl named Amy. She was obsessed with staring at the sun. She always wore a sunflower dress. People thought she was physcotic since she could stare at the sun for so long. She was just like any other person, except for not changing clothes and staring at the sun. She was very kind and smart. She made her mother laugh with her funny jokes. She always had to brush her hair at least 23 times, or she would have to stare at the sun for a minute longer. One day, she was staring at the sun during English class. She had been called on by the teacher to answer a question. She answered it correctly while still staring. The teacher told her to bring her eyes to the front, but she ignored her demand and kept on staring. The teacher came up to her and stood in the view of her direction. Amy’s happy and pleasant mood suddenly turned aggravated and enraged. The sunflowers on her dress turned into bloody red roses. Her blonde hair raged red. Her blue eyes turned brown. Everything about her joyful self just suddenly changed. She then spoke, “I worship god’s sun. I’m ordered to stare at it for at least 23 minutes per day. God orders me to do that everyday or I will have to worship the devil. You have made me fail God. You shall be sacrificed and see me in your dreams tonight.” She then jumped out of the window onto a school bus. She was then later reported dead at the scene.

Teachers Pov: I sprinkled some Sage before I went to bed. I started lucid dreaming, except I wasn’t controlling the dream. I had then turned around to see Amy in my dream. Amy was still in her Rose dress, with blood all over her body. Amy then grabbed me by the collar and then stabbed me with the end of a rose, right through my neck. “I told you you would see me tonight.” Amy smiled.

Narrators POV: The teacher’s husband had then found the teacher’s dead body. Apparently someone had stabbed through her neck.

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