Sufferings : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Aah…! It’s so very painful, said Dad, Dad fell from the stairs a day ago and since then he had trouble walking. The 7 year old me was sitting there watching all this, I didn’t like it, I wanted to do something about dad’s pain, though couldn’t.

A week ago I had heard mom talking about how painful it was giving birth to three children, she also talked about her recent fracture, she said she had trouble even slightly lifting her leg.

I was sad and angry over myself for not being able to do anything, I hate pain, I hate sufferings…I hate pain, I hate sufferings…I hate pain, I hate sufferings…I hate pain, I kept saying this till mom arrived in my room, I stopped right there.

It was midnight, Dad was working on his laptop, I wasn’t sleepy since I was disturbed by what mom and dad had said.

I asked Dad, hey dad, why is there so much pain and suffering people have to go through in life?. Son, Said Dad, Life is but itself a suffering, without suffering there is no life, the end of all sufferings is death however.

In the morning I went to school, enroute to school I saw numerous people some of whom were in agony, I was very angry seeing that, in my school there was a guy whose name was John, John was oftentimes bullied by the bad guys. Today also just as I entered the classroom John was being slapped by three bullies, I was angry although I couldn’t do anything as usual. Later on John told me that he’s tired of all this now, he’s suffering a lot, he wants this to end, he wanted to punish the bullies. It’s when I remembered dad’s saying : The end of all suffering is death, I kept repeating this and killed John, he was begging me to not do what I was doing, though I said “Don’t worry John, I’m freeing you of all sufferings, I shall free everyone of all sufferings” and on I went killing all those whom I saw suffering, I killed my family eventually and neighbours too, I killed only those who were suffering.

Though despite this the police arrested me, I told them I’m doing social service, I’m helping people get rid of their sufferings, I told them what dad had told me “death is the end of all sufferings”.

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