still digging – Short Horror Story

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Since a long time I have been taking therapy and it has been wonderful. But recently I have stumbled upon a problem that I wasn't able to come over. My therapist kept on saying that I am hiding the actual truth and that she should know it.

I told him that I myself doesn’t know what It Is. He then told me that I should start digging for the truth and the reason that has been troubling me.

I was like ok and then started searching for the truth.

Do you know how good the truth feels? Till now I have dug deep enough, but for starters I started with others and only found useless organs.

But when I dug inside me, I found a tiny human building, which now lays outside my womb in the cold, dying with me.

I guess I know the answer now, maybe I took my love with my therapist a little too far. But I have dug him up too!!!!!

submitted by /u/element_of_death