sounds keep me up at night – Short Horror Story

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this was the fifth night in a row that I couldn’t fall asleep. every night I pray to god that the crying children, robotic voices talking in reverse, long strokes of a violin, and sounds of people breaking their teeth and nails won’t play as loud, yet it always gets louder. no one else seems to react to these sounds the way I am as if they wouldn’t even register the disturbing noises. I’m pretty sure that the sound comes from speakers installed on our porch. the sound starts playing around 1 am and stops at around 5 am. I seek genuine help. do I call the police? I doubt it would be my parents putting the harsh noises on the speakers, and I don’t have any siblings. the speakers are turned off during the night, which means that someone must turn them on by pressing a button on the speaker itself. don’t know where else I could post this question, please redirect me if I’m at the wrong place for this question

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