Skinny Sally : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

Skinny Sally was a girl,
With eyes of blue and golden curls.

Her smile a precious sight to see.
Filled your heart with joyful glee.

Late one night in autumn’s glow,
Skinny Sally met her beau.

A clearing by the river’s head,
there he asked her hand to wed.

Though family born of great renown,
Skinny Sally turned him down.

On the banks of the river Osage,
rended heart gave fuel to bitterness rage.

Her rebuke gentle, but his anger tenfold,
she thrashed in the water, face down in the cold.

He held her under on moonlit shore,
Skinny Sally was no more.

Her body cast down in watery grave,
innocent victim to lover turned knave.

If you walk the beaches be forewarned,
Her spirit seeks vengeance for lovers scorned.

With eyes of black and curls of green,
a haunting sight for those who’ve seen.

Her smile you never hope to see,
fills your heart with misery.

On moonlit nights along Osage shore,
Skinny Sally walks forever more.

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