Search for the perfect victim – Short Horror Story

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He sat there unable to feel anything. He wanted to cry. But he just couldn’t. He knew what he was. He was evil in carnate. But by outward appearance he was a kind and caring individual. But he was a rapist… not physically… but emotionally. He would make women fall in love with him. But he could never love them back. Love was a foreign concept to him. He had thought of falling in love and what that would feel like and be like. But he always seemed to get it wrong. One day he decided to go out to dinner with people he had met online. And that is when he saw… his next victim. She had no clue. She was unaware of what was about to happen to her… even he didn’t know what was going to happen. All he knew is that she was the kind of girl that drew him in. So he made chit chat with her. He felt awkward and out of place with the group. Conversations going on that he could not follow as everyone spoke at the same time. He left that night drawn to her. She was bubbly and kind. Just the way he liked. But she would be destroyed before the night was through. He would never touch her. For if he actually touched her it would be that much worse. Or so he always assumed. To actually have a physical connection and enjoy in some sort of pleasure would make it all that much worse. And after she had been ruined. He would move on to his next unsuspecting victim. Never would he stop. For his eternal search… for the perfect victim.

submitted by /u/bioslip

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