Scratch – Short Horror Story

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Rhian's daughter had complained about hearing scratching noises that was coming from under her bed.

She confessed that it didn't bother her at first but when she took a peak below and saw something uncanny there, that was when she started to fear for her life.

At first the mother dismissed it as a child's imagination. Having an older son who was an avid horror fan, it couldn't be avoided that her daughter would sometimes be watching the same thing too.

In an attempt to disway this fear, Rhian forbid the showing of scary films on their tv and told her son to watch on his laptop instead. However this tactic didn't work as her daughter would still complain and it took a very dark turn when one night she screamed that "it" was getting closer to breaking the surface and the scratching was growing louder.

The worried mother took both solutions in hand, one was to see a child psychiatrist given that her ex-husband's family had a history of mental illness and two was to invite someone to perform a cleansing in their house.

To her heartbreak the doctor diagnosed her daughter with what she's been dreading. The finished cleansing only alleviated her pain a little because her belief leaned more on the logical side.

"The spirits are angry" the paranormal expert claimed. "They were buried alive by your ancestors."

Rhian didn't even deny that. She had been so young when she learned about her family's dark past but she had been skeptic of the "curse" that they had to carry. Most of her life was spent witnessing her family atoning for the sins of their fathers and moving to his new home, Rhian thought that things were mended but they still followed.

Offerings and prayers were said in the hopes of peace but Rhian knew that it would only be temporary like it had been in their previous home.

During the most silent of nights Rhian couldn't help but think about what her grandmother had said to which she waved off as fallacy back then.

"Blood demands blood"

The thought soon turned to her cousin who "drowned" in the tub. She asked herself if he really died that way or was he taken as revenge.

Despite the gnawing disbelief, Rhian still looked after her daughter like a hawk. She made sure that the girl was getting enough rest and was, as much as she could muster, protected.

Months passed with medications and Rhian's daughter showed signs of progress and she started to sleep in her own bed again to which elated her mother.

Life was swell as Rhian fell asleep next to her son and daughter in her bed after their movie marathon. Her deep slumber was soon rattled with the sound of insistent and fast scratching noises that jolted her from her position.

Only this time it wasn't coming from under her bed…it was inside the body of his son trying to break free from his chest.

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