SCISSORS – Short Horror Story

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Alan drew Jenny close to him. He hurt from loving her so much. He felt he would die from love and that queer anxious feeling that being wholly in love creates.

He drew back and stared into her eyes. He meant to say something funny but he moaned “I love you so much Jenny”.

He felt her wiggling around. “That was great sweetheart. I love being with you.” She reached down for his dick, all spent and floppy, and gave it tug. “Good boy, lil Al” she giggled.

He held her tighter. “You love me too Jenny?” Ugh he hated his voice- it went from squeaky to whiny.

“Yes sweetie- I’m getting hot-” She twisted out of his grasp and went to the window. Her absence brought an immediate wave of cold “Come back!” he begged.

She rolled her eyes, but still in her post-coital glow of affection, she came. Once in his arms, she reached for his dick again, and tugged hopefully. “Seconds?” she ventured.

Nothing happened. “Jenny, I’m sorry. I’m sure he’ll be up soon”

She sighed. “I can’t complain, lil Al is great when he’s ready to play.” She smiled at him. “Seriously best dick I’ve ever had- I keep telling you sweetheart.”

Alan was drowning in different waves of emotion. He was happy, but also jealous and misunderstood. “I love you, and you love me right? It’s not just about sex?”

Jenny squeezed lil Al tighter. “Sure, with lil Al here, I mean! Lemme give him a kiss, that will get him in the mood!”

Alan’s frustration grew. Secretly, he didn’t like blow jobs, they felt good, but he didn’t like how Jenny’s attention was focused away from him, concentrating on his dick. He could never say that though, and he hated how he had to pretend to be grateful every time she sucked him.

Which was often. As she said, she loved lil Al, in her mouth, in her pussy, in her hands, all the time. She could never get enough of lil Al, she’d say with her sweet sexy giggle.

Alan felt like a hanger-on with his own girlfriend.

Jenny’s tugging became more insistent. “Come on baby” she murmured in her growly horny voice. “Let’s get you back in momma soon. Doncha wanna ride my sweet ass more baby?”

Alan felt lil Al waking up under Jenny’s skilful fingers. But he didn’t want more sex, he just wanted to cuddle up with her and tell her how much he loved her and hear that from her. Her eyes were glazing over, her focus was entirely on lil Al, his enemy.

“Let me go pee” he muttered, but instead of the washroom, he went straight to the kitchen, looking for the scissors.

Jenny heard his scream of pain, shot out of bed and ran to the kitchen.

There she saw her lover passed on the floor in a pool of blood, lil Al in one hand, the scissors in the other.

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