Schizophrenia : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I sit with my beautiful family at breakfast, my wife to my right, and my little daughter to my left. My daughter says, “Daddy, why can’t you stay home with mommy and me?” And then I respond, “Daddy has to go to work, but he’ll come back, ok?” “Alright Daddy,” she says with a glum face. I get up and say goodbye to my wife, grab my keys, and head out the door, But then, it fades away again, as my pills start to kick in, and I am back at the asylum. I continue to try and make myself throw up to bring it all back, but my pills have already been digested. I keep trying until I finally give up. Then I run to the door and scream, “I want to see my family again! Where is my daughter!? Why can’t I see my family!?” A guard walks by and says, “Because your insane. That’s why, and also we’ve checked your records multiple times, and you don’t have a daughter.” I respond, “What, no, t-that’s impossible she-she was right there.” I break down into a sob and lay back down in my bed as I go to sleep. Then I wake up and go out to have breakfast with my family.

This is what I feel people with severe schizophrenia feel like when they have a better life in hallucinations, and why they don’t want to take meds. Hope you enjoyed it!

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