Rules to follow whenever you go out for a late night drive – Short Horror Story

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1.Make sure you have enough fuel to complete the journey, otherwise you might not make it back home.

2.Even if you are not hungry, pack a few snacks, because if you don't give it something to eat, it will drink you fuel.

3.If you see eyes in the shadows, keep driving. They probably haven't noticed you yet.

4.If you see figures in trees, keep driving. If they are still, you are not who they are looking for.

  1. Don't ever exit the car, or you may never re-enter it. Police will find your body split in half in about 7 days.

6.If you exit and you do make it back, you will be visited. After you come back home, close the doors and windows and go straight to bed.

7.If you see a stop sign, but no crosswalk, speed past it, or it might catch up. The sign is a distraction.

8.When you come back, look in the back seat. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, don't use it for 3 days or you will become one of them.

9.Never take somebody with you. Or at least not in the same car. It will kill it.

  1. If you ever encounter bloodied woman carrying a child, pay attention to the child. If its head is missing, speed away, or it will torment you for the rest of eternity.

11.When you come across a sign that says "Dead end" even if you don't see the end, turn back. You reached the limit. It's time to head to bed.

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