Roommate – Short Horror Story

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I smirked as I lay in bed, listening to the man up in my attic move around. He’s moving so gingerly, like he always does, trying no to “wake me”. He is completely unaware that I know he’s up there. I figured it out the second night after I moved in to my new house. I’ve always had an active imagination and if I’m being totally honest I’ve always kind of hoped this would happen. It’s a weird, macabre thing I’ve fantasized about many times. I smiled wider as I heard the quiet sounds of chewing and knew he must have snuck down into the kitchen earlier to steal some food. As soon as I knew he was up there I started buying only organic foods. They’re super expensive but that’s a minor cost considering the pay off. I want my future feast to be deliciously clean and free of preservatives. Oh he thinks I’m fully asleep, he’s coming down now, I better lay still. I hope he likes the organic oranges I found today. I wonder to myself if I’ll taste a hint of citrus when I feast.

submitted by /u/MagpieMonster

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