Reddit, These odd clicking noises from the TV keep me awake at night, any advice? : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Edit: No this is not my imagination, I recorded this clicking sound. It is real, what is it?

Edit: No, I don’t think a mechanic will help me very much.

Edit: Thanks for telling me you hear it too, u/23yearoldman, Im glad to know im not alone!

Edit: My Tv is a wall mounted flat screen. Don’t know if that info can help much.

Edit: The noises are getting louder. They’re starting to sound like cracking. Any suggestions?

Edit: Why are you telling me to get out of my house, u/55fiftycents?

Edit: My TV won’t turn on now, calling a mechanic.

Edit: a few hours ago the tv turned on in the middle of the night and there was this bald boy with rotted skin and smooth brown skin where eyes should be. He was making these cracking noises by twisting his neck he kept twisting his neck I FELT HIM STARING AT M E. drove out of my house texting this on my phone at my friends house.

Edit: This is not a joke!

Edit: I hear these cracking noises from my friends tv.

Edit: the tv is showing a live feed of me!

Edit: the cracking noises are coming from my phone.

Edit: I see the eyeless boy in my periparal he keeps twisting his neck help me.

Edit: it just killed my friend

Edit: I think he is going to kill me. If you hear clicking or cracking noises from the tv, run no running won’t help you. If you hear the noises I am so sorry. Goodbye worls

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