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“I’m so sorry Savannah. I’m so sorry daddy wasn’t there to protect you,” Jacob said through sobs. His head hung low, Savannah’s hand between his. “I failed you. I’m so sorry.”

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Jacob was supposed to take Savannah to get her driver’s permit, but unexpectedly, he had to work late. He called and asked her if she was okay taking the bus and that he would pick her up from there. “Of course, daddy. I’ll be fine. I’ll call you when I get there.”

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After Savannah didn’t call and several of his calls were left unanswered, Jacob left work and drove to the DMV. When they said she had not shown up for her test, Jacob went to the police station and filed a missing person’s report. Not content with waiting around, Jacob drove to the bus stop that Savannah would’ve gotten on at and started to walk its route, hoping to find her or someone who saw her.

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Jacob found Savannah in an alley, a few blocks away from a bus stop that was past the one she was supposed to get off at. She was on the ground, bleeding from her torso and head. She was breathing, but her breaths were labored. Her bookbag and purse were missing. He called the police, and emergency services arrived a few minutes later.

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Savannah was rushed into surgery and then transferred into intensive care, where Jacob has been since. He stared toward the heavens and pleaded, “please God, please save her. I beg of you. Don’t take my baby away. She’s all I have left. Please God, no.”


Savannah took her last breath and Jacob wept uncontrollably. A doctor recorded the time of death and gently led Jacob away.

He walked home, stopping to get a fifth of cheap rum. He drank a third of it before he even got home.

Jacob downed the rest as he kicked off his shoes and went into the kitchen to grab a knife.

He sat down on the couch, a defeated and broken man, and placed the cold steel against his wrist.

“I’m so sorry Savannah. I’m so sorry Molly, I couldn’t keep my promise and protect her” he whispered, ready to join Savannah and his wife. As the sharp blade bit into his flesh, a lucent hand grasped his.

It’s okay daddy. It’s not your fault. Please don’t blame yourself. You did everything that a dad was supposed to do.

Please live for me. Live for mommy. We will always be in your heart.

Jacob’s grip loosened and the knife fell to the floor. He covered his face and cried into his hands.

scratch chip scratch chip scratch chip

Jacob looked up as the knife was carving something into the coffee table. On it were the names of the people responsible for Savannah’s death, with last one being, God.