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Chip = Safe;

Child = Young(?);

Police = Busy(?);

That half-assed code runs the world, can you believe it? The brain chips were a stupid idea from the start, but they still managed to convince 80% of the populace to buy-in when they started curing mental illness and adjusting mood with them. This program was supposed to trigger in certain circumstances to pool information between users to stop mass shooters or something, but supposedly somebody worked on it for five minutes and accidentally hit upload instead of save.

Whatever happened, the code dug deep. Nobody with a chip ever stopped to think that the program should be removed, it kept them safe after all. But it never turned off, and people weren’t going to tolerate the people that weren’t “safe”. The first time one of the “un-safe” was killed out of fear, the chipped ones realized they didn’t feel anything about it, it was like they’d done their duty. After that, it was open season on anyone without a chip, unless you were a child or police that met the “conditions”. Some people even relished the opportunity and got a bit creative with their violence, those are the ones you gotta watch out for.

Me, I’ve been a cop for decades, but never wanted a chip, great decision on my part. I kept out of trouble for a few years, always looking busy, making sure no one would find me when I collapsed into sleep. But this week, a new idea took hold, they would keep track of those that had potential to be not-safe. The next time I emerged into civilization it hadn’t taken long before a dozen people swarmed me. I had been dragged into this holding cell kicking and screaming, passing a sign marked “Police=Busy(?)”. That was last night, and I guess I’ll see what happens when my phone battery runs out.

I really feel bad for the cell across the room, it’s been filling up all day, with a sign marked “Child=Young(?)”.

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