Reddit – Dive into anything – Short Horror Story

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I have a stalker.

I first started noticing her in high school, but for all I know, she’s been there forever.

After I finally noticed her, everything went downhill.

I tried to tell someone. Parents or friends. But nobody believed me. They all said I was insane.

My stalker wasn’t the shy type who watched from afar, no. She didn’t hide, didn’t have to. After all, no one believed me.

She seemed to be everywhere. School, work, bus, my own home.

Every time I saw her, she would look me directly in the eye. She only looked away when I did.

My stalker loved to mock me. She copied my every move. If I wore lipstick, she did. If she saw me buy a dress, I’d see her wear the exact same one. She wanted to humiliate me.

Over the years, my fear turned to anger and eventually contempt.

She was always there, taunting me, as if it wasn’t enough that she ruined my life. I didn’t even know why she was doing it. After all, she never even spoke to me.

I don’t really leave my room anymore. I avoid anything that might give her access.

But today is different. I’ve had enough, and it’s time to finally end this nightmare.

I walk into the bathroom and of course, there she was again. She was paler and thinner than the last time I saw her.
“I’ve come to end this,” I say in a shaky voice, and her mouth moves in sync with mine, but no sound comes out.

Always imitating me, always mocking me. But that’s what I’m counting on today.
I grab the scissors near the sink, and she does the same.
Does she know what I’m about to do? I hope she doesn’t, I hope it’s too late when she realizes.

I ignore the pang of fear telling me to stop before it’s too late and jab the scissors into my neck. It’s even more painful that I imagined.
My eyes catch her doing the same, blood gushing from her wound. I smile victoriously and to my annoyance she does the same. Doesn’t she know she’s going to die?

My legs start to give out.
I fall on the floor, and she escapes from my line of sight.

I laugh at the empty bathroom. It’s finally over.

As my life fades into nothingness, my only regret is that I didn’t pull the mirror down with me. I really wanted to see that bitch bleed out and die.

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