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The day started like every other day in my life, I was a 26 years old semi successful artist. I got up, made breakfast and brushed my teeth. I decided to go for a walk when an old lady approached me and said „wake up“. I was confused but didn’t bother anymore after I continued to walk along the park. I went to the store and picked up some groceries when another person came close to me telling me to wake up. I began to think it was a prank or something since this never happened before. After I payed for my groceries, I left the store when around 30 people surrounded me, screaming wake up repeatedly. After round 5 seconds I opened my eyes, seeing a couple of doctors standing around me. One of them said: „Testobject 483 successfully woken up after 4 hours and 42 minutes – time in dream 26years – 3 months – 2 days. Object ready for termination.“ The last thing I witnessed was a sharp needle injecting a strange liquid into my neck.