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DoctorK– Usually the first time I’m introduced to a patient they’re laying down on my operating table heavily sedated waiting on me to perform some type of life-saving procedure. I then enter the room wearing green scrubs, green gloves, greenshoe covers, and a green surgical cap. I have over a 95% success rate for all the procedures that I’ve performed throughout my career.

DoctorK– I consider myself to be the Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, or Mike Tyson of my profession. When I perform surgeries I feel like Jean-Michel Basquiat painting the Untitled Skull. I open my patients with absolute precision and remove any kind of imperfection I find, and then I stitched them up leaving a scar the size of a scratch. I take great pride in the work I do, but this work doesn’t fill me with joy.

DoctorK– After I remove the imperfections I like to place them inside a ziplock bag and then place those bags inside my black lunch box that I usually bring to hide things I steal from the hospital. When I get home I then take those imperfections that I’ve removed from the patient’s body and modify them into a perfect biological weapon.

DoctorDeath– It usually takes me a couple of months to find them again, but when I do none of them seem to remember my face. Which is a good thing I guess because if they did, it would make the process less exciting.

DoctorDeath– The process is always the same, I send them tickets to an all-inclusive resort in either Mexico or the Dominican Republic. At first, they’re hesitant to accept the tickets, but after they do a little research and realized the tickets are legit they seem to always take advantage of them. And that’s when they’re introduced to the real me.

DoctorDeath– I start the process by slipping something into their drink, It usually takes 10 minutes before they’re out. I then take them back to their rooms, where I have already prepped my operating table. I removed all their clothing revealing the scar from our last meeting, then I exit the room to prep myself. I return dressed in all black with my black lunch box in my left hand and my scalpel in my right. I make a small incision on the scar and carefully placed the now perfected illness back inside their bodies. Then I seal the wound and leave before they wake.

DoctorsDeath– It may take a day or two, but all the patients that I’ve performed this procedure on have suffered a painful and horrible death, and watching them suffer fills me with joy…