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UDriver–Hi are you James?

James–Yeah, I wasn’t expecting you to arrive this fast, the app said you were 30 minutes away.

UDriver–Sometime the app doesn’t work properly.

James–This is why I usually use lift!

(The driver steps out of the car dress from head to toe in a black suit with dark sunglasses and cufflinks that resemble a ferryman’s pole)

UDrive–Allow me to help you with your luggage James. It looks really big and heavy. What’s inside?

James–None of your goddamn business! Just put the luggage in the trunk and hurry up.

UDriver–As you wish

( Clearly angry and nervous James climbs into the back seat of the car, and attempts to lower the window)

James– What wrong with your windows!?

UDriver–All my windows are broken, but if you like I can turn on the AC?


UDriver–So James would you like to tell me what’s in that luggage?

James–I thought I told you to mind your goddamn busi…

( Before James could finish his sentence, he falls into a deep sleep.)

(While asleep James dreamed about the beatings his father use to give him as a child,but unlike a normal dream the pain he experienced was real.)

James–(He awakes from his nightmare still in the back seat of the Uber.)

UDrive–Hello James, how was your dream?

James–What the hell just happened? WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!!!

(James reachs into the front of his waistband for his 9mm Glock 19, but he quickly realizes it’s gone.)

UDrive–Oh are you looking for this? (Shows James the gun)

James– Look man I don’t want any trouble, I’ll give you whatever you want.

UDrive–I’m sorry to inform you James, but everything you once had already belongs to me.


(James finally realizes that he is no longer being driven around the streets of New York. Instead, outside his window is nothing but darkness,and the only thing he can see is the open road in front of him.)

UDrive–James are you ready to discuss what your carrying around in that luggage?

James– Please just let me g…

(Before James has a chance to finish his statement he again falls into a deep sleep.)

(Unlike last time nothing in this dream is familiar to James. In this dream he’s being ripped apart by hellish hounds with red eyes and razor sharp teeth, and like last time the pain that he experiences is real.)

(This time when James awakes he’s standing outside the trunk of the Uber with the Uber driver standing directly behind him.)

Charon–Open the trunk James.

James–Okay just don’t hurt me anymore.

Charon– Now open the luggage.


(James opens the luggage and is devoured by horror and despair as its revealed to him that the body he’s been carrying around isn’t that of his girlfriend but himself.)

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