Reddit – Dive into anything – Short Horror Story

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17th of may, celebrating Norway’s national day. Ice cream is the biggest part of this shit show. As i walk down the street awaiting my bestfriend carrying 17 ice creams in each hand. She has basically more colours on them than she has on her dress. The sudden swirls of those nasty, sticky, gooey stuff will soon splotch on her very sweet elegant feet. As she runs down the pavement ready to throw one at me. Who the fuck throws ice creams. The blue one is headed for my mouth as she stumbles down with her blue heels on. She looks so gorgeous when she is about to fall. But i have to think about my decisions.

  1. Do i catch the ice cream with my mouth and pull off a flirty move?

  2. Do i let her fall and scrape her knees with all the ice cream making her scream?

  3. Do i fall under her to be her pavement slave?

I never like ice cream nor any of the options above. I’ll go for the flirt. Blue mouthy ice cream. As it flies into my mouth i realized that under that big ball of ice cream is a spider. Not just one. A hive of newly hatched eggs.


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