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My step sister Chloe and I have never gotten along. My mother married her father when I was 12 and she was 15. She blamed my mother for her parents marriage breaking up even though they met a year after their divorce.

My father had left my mother a couple of months after I was born as he didn’t feel he was ready to be a parent. Chloe loves to rub this in my face and constantly tells me that no man will ever love me.

She got married three years ago to her boyfriend. They had a massive wedding in a picturesque castle overlooking a lake. Her grandparents on her mothers side funded the entire thing. Our step father walked her down the aisle and she looked really happy the whole day. She came up to me at the end of the night and told me that I would probably die alone and noone would even notice.

My boyfriend of 3 years proposed recently and I immediately asked my stepfather to walk me down the aisle and he happily agreed. He rang me the next day apologising and told me that he couldn’t do it anymore as Chloe threatened to never talk to him again.

I then made it my mission to find my birth father so that he could be there for me on my big day. It took me weeks of searching and I was ecstatic when I finally located him.

I organised everything in secret as I didn’t want Chloe to mess it up on me. That vindictive bitch would do anything to spoil my wedding day.

I have never felt happier as I pushed my father’s wheelchair up the aisle. All eyes were on me and for once Chloe wasn’t the center of attention. I heard a few gasps and I knew everyone was stunned at how beautiful I looked. My fiance stood there with his mouth hanging agape as I reached the altar. I pushed the wheelchair containing my father’s rotting corpse to one side and prepared to enjoy the happiest day of my life