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I have hated my workplace from day one. It is one of those places that love to claim that they are like a family. I have never met a bigger group of backstabbing bitches.

They would constantly change my schedule at the last minute then reprimand me for not showing up. I already suffered from depression but it really escalated from having to deal with these people.

If I complained about anything then I was accused of causing a toxic workplace environment. It got to the point where I was having panic attacks anytime I thought about going to work.

I finally reached the end of my tether after I was screamed at for not coming in on a day I had booked off months earlier. I sat there stoically while planning on how to teach these bitches a lesson.

I went shopping that evening and got a large supply of rat poison and sleeping pills. It took me an hour to mix it all together but I was finally happy with the results.

I went in the next morning with a bounce in my step for the first time ever. I told everyone in my room that I had a surprise for them and they were so excited as I gave them their drinks.

I watched with a smile on my face as they finished their drinks. I got them to have another drink just to make sure it worked. A few of them started getting lightheaded so I announced nap time. They all began to cuddle up with their favourite toys.

I went around and checked their pulses and was relieved to find a few of them were already dead. I packed up my stuff before walking to the staff room and telling my bitch of a boss that I quit.

I wish that I had been around to see their faces when they discovered all of the dead children in my room. This will teach them never to treat people poorly

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