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I first noticed it on TV shows and cinema that there is always a love element or an angle to it. It was everywhere and I managed to get over it because it’s just shows for entertainment really, you should never take it seriously because entertainment is just for entertainment purposes. The love elements in entertainment media did start to get to me and I then solved the issue by never watching TV or going to the cinema. This was the best I could do with that situation and I felt so much better after doing that, life felt more free.

Then when I ended up in situations inside burning buildings and with all the fire and chaos, I would always find two people kissing. In the middle of a fire how could there be two people missing and there was no need for such love element to be in a dangerous situation. I survived and a lot of people died unfortunately and with the housing crisis booming, those who lost their flats to the fire had to search else where for housing. When a boat I was on had sank into the river, so many people were struggling in the water and drowning. In the midst of all this drowning there were two people kissing passionately. There was no need for such a love element as this to be in this crisis.

I was wearing a floating vest and some didn’t have one and so they drowned. There is always some kind of love element in serious situations like when someone was robbing a shop with a gun, everyone was scared and in the middle.of all of this two people were kissing. There was truly no need for a love element to be in the situation where the shop was being robbed. Then I knew that kissing people were taking over civilization and the world and I had to stop them. They are in every entertainment media and now in every major crisis.

Like when I was in a war zone country and i had people with guns capture me and my friends, they held us as hostages and in the middle of all of that, two people were kissing which was no need at all. So now when I see two people kissing on the street, I stop them and separate them and shout out loud “you will not take over the world” and it’s really scary what is happening. Then when two people were kissing in the most horrific storms, as both of them were being dragged around by the wind, the two of them were still kissing and it was unnecessary.

When an aeroplane fell and crashed on the ground, everyone was dead instantly apart from the two people kissing, again it’s just inappropriate. Love elements have invaded media and now real life crisis.

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