Reddit – Dive into anything – Short Horror Story

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Everyone keeps rejecting me and I don’t know what is wrong with me and it’s really starting to get me down. I don’t know why I am getting rejected by family members, friends and loved ones. In the end whatever career you have it’s the people around you that will make up your life because retirement can become so mundane and boring, which will then bring another form of depression. As I was driving my car I saw an old friend driving his car and I got so excited that I started driving my car towards his car very fast. Next thing I know is that he starts to reject me by his car rolling on the road and hitting a shop. I didn’t know why he had rejected me like that.

Then one day as I was walking on some large hill sides and mountainous terrain, I was taking in the view and enjoying my existence. Nature can be so beautiful and the way it just stands still without a care in the world is what I love about these places. The silence is quite nice and hearing birds is better than hearing traffic and construction sites working. Then I saw an old acquaintance just standing on an edge of some large hill and taking some pictures, and I excitedly started running towards him as he was on the edge. Then he rejects me by falling, screaming and being all surprised. I don’t know why people reject me like this and it only makes me think what I had done.

Then when I went hiking around some canal routes it was such a nice place to ride your bike and I love riding my bike. As I was riding my bike I saw another person that I knew in the past and I started riding my bike much faster towards him, and he was just standing still with his bike next to a canal. He rejects me by splashing into the water and screaming as well as drowning. I was kind of offended by this.

Then I decided that a lifeless pot couldn’t reject me and so I hugged a pot really hard because I really liked this plant pot, but then the pot had rejected me by smashing up into many sharp pieces and some had actually cut me. Then I tried having fun on the bed by jumping up and down, and the bed then rejected me by breaking, I couldn’t believe that lifeless objects were now rejecting me. I guess I am just rejectable.

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