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I remember the first time I saw it on T.V, the way the Becker brothers were broadly smiling at the camera as they present the thing that would one day cause humanity to collapse as we know it.

It’s a “wireless prosthesis” they said. It’s really unnecessary to mask it that way. They didn’t make it for the amputees, they made it as a mean to control detached robotic limbs with your mind. People have already speculated the harm it can do in the wrong hands and not long after it did get in the wrong hands.

March of that year after they broadcast their invention to the public, a college engineer from Japan have made his own version of the wireless prosthesis. It made national news for several reasons. Not only did he re-create the Becker brother’s invention (which wasn’t really surprising considering all people really need to replicate things is to know that it’s possible in the first place). He also made a full body version of it, a drone if you will. He piloted it back to his old high school and proceeded to massacre more than a dozen of his former teachers and about 40 more of the students that the drone encountered before the authorities had manage to incapacitate it. They arrested the engineer not long after only due to how his rudimentary machine is easier to tract.

Someone from somewhere took noticed of this incident and made themselves a better version of it where it made their drone harder to locate. They didn’t found who made the drone but they took it back to their military labs to “examine” it.

A year after that last incident a war broke loose in China. They did not know which country are they fighting for the drones that seemingly came from nowhere bare no flag or any indication of the nation they’re from. After that almost all countries are fighting nations they did not know. Some countries have admitted that they made drones themselves but did not reveal where they sent it.

Now the rich had hidden themselves into their bunker and go out using their personal drones like an avatar on a video game while the real world burns outside, where people like me who can’t afford the safety of a disposable body cower in world war of anonymous countries.

I don’t know when and if this thing will ever stop, but I just couldn’t help myself from laughing on how ridiculous and ironic this thing has become. On how the Becker brothers made the wireless prosthesis “with good intentions”.

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