Reddit – Dive into anything – Short Horror Story

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No matter how many clothes I wear I always feel naked and it’s a horrible feeling, to always feel naked. In the winter cold I will feel so cold and in the summer heat it’s just pure embarrassment. I remember when I took the skin of garayan, and I had to strip away the clothes he was wearing, and I wore his skin on my body as my new clothes. It felt so good wearing something new but I then felt naked and I can’t understand why I was feeling like this, new clothes should make you feel protected and have a new sense of dignity.

As I walked around with garayans skin feeling naked on the streets, I ignored the taunts and the stares. I then spotted smithian walking all alone and I wanted to wear his skin. For some reason it felt like it was a good idea to wear smithians skin as my new clothes on my body and I followed him for miles. Smithian enjoyed walking alone and minding his own business and that’s why I wanted to wear his skin on my body, as I was sure it would cure the naked feeling. Then as wore smithians skin on my body after throwing away his clothes, I still felt naked for some reason and I was enraged. I don’t want to feel naked anymore.

I want to feel safe and protected in new clothes but even when I wore multiples people skins on my body, I still felt naked. It’s amazing how even when wearing multiples people’s skin on my body, that it can still make one feel naked. I want to stop suffering like this but I don’t know how. I wore pauliatic skin on my body after ripping off his clothes and throwing it away but I still felt naked. When I chose a hairy man’s skin to wear around the streets I still felt naked and it was such a vulnerable feeling, like everyone can see into your soul. I then desperately started begging people to teach me how to not be named as I was wearing other people’s skin.

I tried going up to people and telling them that their skin would cure my nakedness and that they should clothe me. I mean it’s not fair when taylorian wore my skin on his body he felt very well clothed and fashioned and not naked. Yet when I wore his skin on my body I felt so named and it’s not fair at all, this is a struggle I do not want dance with anymore.

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