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It’s been five years since anyone ever lived in that house. The house is surrounded by dead trees and abandoned cars. All the windows are boarded up with do not enter or enter at your own risk written in big red letters. The front porch is plagued with cobwebs and a giant padlock on the front door which acts as the last warning for anyone wishing to enter. I’ve always been excited and thrilled to investigate things of the supernatural realm, and tomorrow I plan on entering that house.

Five years ago the family that used to live there mysteriously vanished one day, and tonight I hope to find clues that may shed light on their whereabouts. I arrive at 2120HR and make my way through the forest of dead trees and cars. I weave my way through the cobweb-infested front porch and make my way to the front door. I noticed that there’s weird carvings and writing on the padlock, but this doesn’t deter me. I remove the bolt cutters from my backpack and easily break the lock, I guess those long hours in the gym have finally paid off.

I start to make my way into the house and once I was about 5 feet inside, the french doors slam shut, scaring the shit out of me. Moreover, the padlock that was use to keep people from entering the house has appeared on the inside of the door. I use tactical breathing and other breathing methods to quickly calm my nerves. I remove my flashlight from my backpack and I began to search for clues that may have been left behind by the family. While searching for clues I heard children playing from one of the rooms in the back, which was horrifying because this place has been abandoned for 5 years. I slowly made my way to the backroom, and the closer I got to the sound the quieter it became. Until all of a sudden two little girls suddenly appeared in front of me. Both of them had on matching white dresses with their hair tied in ponytails as if they just left church on Easter Sunday. Before I could muster up the courage to say anything, I felt a hard blow on the back of my head that knocked me unconscious and when I woke I was at home in my bed.

I jumped out of bed and rushed downstairs searching for my mom and dad, but I couldn’t find them. So I rushed out the door and started to make my way back to that house. As I got closer I started to notice that the sky was cloud-free and it was bright outside but there was no sun. When I approach the front yard to the house I was shocked to see that all the trees and cars were gone, it was like the house was restored. Not to mention that the two little girls who I saw inside the house are now outside the house playing with their parents.

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