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I carefully place her lifeless body into the bathtub after removing all her clothes. I then return to the kitchen to check the temperature of the soy wax I have melting on the stove. The temperature must stay below 200 degrees fahrenheit or it could begin to yellow which takes away from the smell of the candle.

After making sure the temperature is right, I returned to the bathroom and cut a piece of her hair off. This will be used as a wick for my candle. I must pay close attention to the amount of hair I removed from her because I’ll need a good amount to make a large wick to ensure that the candle burns evenly.

After several hours I returned to the kitchen to make sure the soy wax has melted evenly. Once the desired consistency is achieved I removed the soy wax from the stove and began to make my way back into the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, I begin to pour all the soy wax into the tub fully submerging her entire body. It usually takes three days for the wax to completely harden and to fully absorb her essence.

Next, I will remove the now harden soy wax from the tub and reheat it into a liquid form. Once in a liquid form, I will pour it into a large container and place the lock of her hair that I remove earlier inside to act as a wick. I then take the candle and the deceased victim back to where I found her and wait for the cops to arrive. I am a serial killer and this is my design.

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