Reality or Fiction : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Jason Graham was a ten year old boy that enjoyed video games, sports, and playing with friends. He wasn’t a very big kid. In fact, he was just the opposite. Jason was the scrawniest kid in his fourth grade class. People always gave him strange looks everywhere he went. One day, Jason was playing with a bunch of kids in the fourth grade class, when the adult supervising the children blew her whistle. The kids stopped playing and ran up to her. Jason was the last one to arrive. “Get out of here you sicko!” The lady screamed at Jason. He looked at her, confused. “I’m sorry ma’am, but I think you’re not a very nice lady.” Jason’s parents always taught him manners. The lady gathered up all the other children except for Jason, and guided them towards the school building. She waved her hand towards Jason, gesturing for him to leave. Jason reared up, turned, and ran towards the playground. He found a tree to hide behind and cried. Why was that lady so mean to him? She was such a bully. Jason hated bullies. Jason wiped the tears from his eyes. His sorrow became anger. He was going to make this woman pay. He decided to do something he knew he wasn’t supposed to do. The next day at school, Jason was the last person to show up to the school playground. The mean lady wasn’t there. Instead, the principal of the school was supervising the children. Jason was glad. She was so mean to him. The principal waved to Jason. He waved back. Then something strange happened. The principal gave Jason a weird look. Jason didn’t understand what was going on with these adults. The principal blew his whistle, signaling the kids to come inside. Jason started walking up towards the school. Again, just like the day before with the lady, Jason was stopped. The principal pointed at Jason and said, “You aren’t allowed in this school and shouldn’t be on this playground. If you don’t leave now I’m calling the police.” Jason wasn’t sad, or even confused this time. He was just angry. He clenched his fists and raised his arm back. He brought his fist forward and it connected with the principal’s face. Blood went everywhere. Jason laughed maniacally. The principal dropped to the ground with a thud. Jason mounted on top of him and continued to rain down blows on the man’s face. He laughed and screeched with delight as blood started getting all over his clothes, the principal’s clothes, and the ground. Something inside him had snapped and Jason enjoyed every moment of the beating he was delivering. An adult on the sidewalk was walking their dog and witnessed the entire scene. He stopped and dialed for emergency services. The police arrived and arrested Jason. He wasn’t a ten year old boy as he had originally believed. He was a 28 year old man. His reality was warped and Jason had become delusional. The police searched Jason’s house he had been squatting in. Once inside, they discovered an unimaginable horror. Bodies were stacked in a pile in one of the bedrooms. They all had signs of torture and abuse. Jason was a serial killer. The missing woman that had been supervising the children the day before was found tied up in the basement, badly wounded. The victims were mostly missing teens. Jason Graham was put on death row his last words were, “I hate bullies. I’ll stand up to them, even in death.” He laughed menacingly one last time before he received his lethal injection. To this day it’s said that he haunts the school grounds where the principal was beat to near death. Looking for anyone that bullies other kids.

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