Precious moments : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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The moon lit my path as I slipped into his bedroom, as I had done so many times before. Although he was big for his two years, he still looked so tiny and perfect snuggled under his covers.

After all my losses, all my heartbreak, I still couldn’t believe I could have someone so perfect to call my own. Protectiveness surged in my chest as I watched his perfect face murmur and yawn.

Unable to resist, I scooped him up and snuggled tight, breathing him in. These precious moments were what I lived for.

Then I turned, walking purposefully past his parent’s open door and out the back door, stopping only to turn the gas stove on high near the candle I’d lit.

It broke my heart to do it, but when I’d seen the ‘for sale’ sign go up yesterday I knew I’d have to act quickly. I just couldn’t handle another loss.

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