please don’t make us naked we have shame : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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We robbed billions worth of cash and I was meant to keep it hidden in some containment, the cash was supposed to be in bags. Instead I filled my house with the cash from top to bottom and it was up to my chest. I was swimming in cash and then the next day I get a call, it was the guy who I robbed the cash from, he had figured out where I lived and who I was. I had a day to get rid of the cash as he was coming to inspect my house. I quickly try to bag up all of the cash but then two heads pop up.

“Why are you trying to make us more naked?” The two heads asked me

I had no idea who they were but they kept saying the cash was their clothes and by bagging up the cash I was making them naked. I had no idea how they got into my home but I told them to fuck off and then they started screeching “we have shame we have shame don’t make us more naked by bagging up our clothes!” And their faces turned inhumanly menacing. I stopped bagging up the money and then my friend called me.

My friend also helped me Rob this money and he also got a call from the guy we had robbed. He came over to my house and I tried explaining to him about the two heads that have popped up but he wouldn’t listen to me. As he tried bagging up the cash the two heads popped up and they started screeching again “don’t make us naked we have shame!” And it echoed through out the house.

“What the..” my friend gasped

They kept saying how they clothe themselves by covering themselves in stuff like water, garbage and anything else they can use. I tried getting them proper clothes but nothing would work. My friend didn’t care and he started bagging up the money, and the two beings became even more vicious and they dragged my friend and he got dragged under the cash. I heard a moment of shouting until there was nothing.

“He tried to make us naked and we have shame” the two beings shouted at the same time

I tried swimming through the cash to find my friend and I found him, he was dead. Then when the guy who I had robbed came to my house and he saw all that cash coming up to my chest, he simply said to me “bag it up”

Then when he tried swimming through his cash and he then accidently bumped into the creatures and we both saw their bodies, it was hideous.

“Made us naked you made us naked we have shame” they then killed him by stabbing him, and they disappeared in such speed. The money was mine and I then saw those beings in a swimming pool, the water is their new clothes now.

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