“PLEASE DON’T MAKE US NAKED! WE HAVE SHAME!” : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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We took billions in cash. I was meant to keep it hidden in some containment, supposedly bags. Instead, I meticulously went about filling my home.

“So much cash.”

Top to bottom I’d say it was up to my chest. I was swimming in it.

“Fucking finally!” I exclaim in bouts of ecstasy, legal tender straying beneath my head.

The next day I awake to a call.

“Hello?” I half mumble.

“You really fucked up….”


A click distinct and synonymous in it’s loudness disrupted my peaceful fog; still disoriented I found clarity.

“It was the guy who I robbed.” I thought aloud.

My paranoia still leading me as I grew to believe that if he figured out my number it was only a smooth drop to figuring out where I lived and who I was.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed.

In any event I wished to avoid injury or worse, death. I had only a day to get rid of the cash. Repeatedly reminding myself in paranoia that he was coming to inspect my house.

“Hurry!” I remind myself.

I attempt to bag the cash quickly. As I grab the bag and began to work I was abruptly shocked as two heads pop up.

“Why are YOU trying to make US MORE NAKED?” The two heads questioned.

I had no idea who they were, what they were, how they got into my home, or what they were asking me.

“Me? What?”

I looked on bewildered at the two of them, tears strewn in their eyes. They repeated themselves… kept saying the cash was their clothes and by bagging it I was making them naked.

I had no idea of anything. Much less how they got in. I told them to fuck off,

“Clothes…? No. No. No. Fuck off.”


Their faces turned inhuman, menacing, scary.

I stopped bagging up the money, dazed, shocked, and pondering the questions.

“I-I….” Nothing came out.

Still indecisive, just as I move to act, I receive a call.

I answer to, “You sorry sorry little fuck, when I’m there you better answer!”


“Fuck you!”


Still eyeing the screen I read,


A silence passes and I realize it was a friend who called. This same very friend was an associate who also helped acquire this money. In my paranoid state I puzzled and pieced together that he also got a call from the guy we robbed. He came over to my house, instigating and predicating violence; provoking me as I tried explaining to him the news of the two heads that have popped out of our score. But he wouldnt have it. He wouldn’t listen to me.

He shoved me and tried bagging up the cash as the two heads popped up.

They started screeching again and again, “DON’T MAKE US NAKED! WE HAVE SHAME!”

Echoing through out the house.

“What the..” my friend responded fully perturbed.

They continued screeching, repeatedly and unanimously, saying they clothe themselves and cover themselves in stuff like water, mud, garbage, anything they can use. I tried getting them proper clothes, searching my closets, wardrobes, finally tearing my shirt at the seems to show them the fabric but nothing would work. My friend didn’t care. As he started bagging up the money the two beings became even more vicious and irate, one dragging my friend and the other clawing at him as he was dragged beneath the cash. I heard a moment of shouting and then there was nothing.

A long span of silence.

Their heads popped up, drooling with blood and saliva, “HE tried to make US NAKED and WE HAVE SHAME!”

The two beings shouted at the same time.

“What in…” I was lost.

In that moment all I could perceive was loss. My eyes were functioning but I wasn’t completely there. I could see them, immobile as fear built within me.

“HAVE SHAME!” They screamed, lunging and leaping toward me.

“AH!” I retorted, a claw tearing part of my face from me. I watched as they played with it, cutting it, laughing between them. They then ripped it in to pieces, widening their mouths, teeth clicking between their jaws, razored teeth ripping my vivisected flesh.

I tried swimming through the cash to find my friend. I was less than hopeful and nearly sick but I found him…

“I found you.” I half called out.

I grabbed at him though he was slick with blood. In my frantic movements I saw his body twitching. I grabbed and held him as he grew still. I mistook my own moving of the cash and bodily force for his. He was dead.

I carried myself through and through knowing I couldn’t drag his body with me. I left with little of him on me. His blood causing the cash to stick to my forearms. His blood stained my hands. My hands stained the cash.

I tried to joke to ease the tension.

“Caught Red-handed. In possession of blood money. 25 to Life.”

I couldn’t laugh.

For a second I imagined he were alive and above the money at a loss for words, leaving an individual I barely knew dead beneath pounds of blood money.

Surfacing, the tension surmounted. What built within me stayed. I was completely there. Standing alone before the two invaders that have now committed a felony in my home.

“Mine! MINE!” They shouted unanimously, blood and spit trickling, flesh and phlegm bubbling.

They stop short, appearing to be startled. Their surprise then grew into excitement, their smiles grow grim and menacing as they turn toward the door. I remember gruff low breathing. This sound filling the room. The best of my sensibilities granting little to no response. My mind offering no thought.

Then the individual or victim we robbed came through my door and in seeing his cash stacked up to my chest simply said to me, “Bag it up.”

The breathing that once filled the room seemed to dissipate. I turn to find only the two of us within the room.


He sounded. He spat on the floor. Phlegm now lining my tiles and grout. I wondered when he’d call the police. I then came to wonder if he were going to at all.

Presumably, I assumed he was both aware of the trail of blood which followed the loss of my friend and the blood on my clothing as I begged myself internally that he’d call the police. The sweat on my face collecting as I grew wary of this man’s intentions and the worry in my eyes building as I grew to hone a dead stare.

“I tried swimming through his cash”

I could hear in a similar voice to my own coming from the mass. He stared at me questionably as I began to bag the cash. He carried on staring until he broke, searching the piles. I could hear the creatures, now alarmed. They stood with ease above the cash. For the first time we both saw their bodies. He wretched with disgust.

“Hideous!”, The word on my mind.

I recall a screeching, a loud screeching.

“Made us naked! YOU MADE US NAKED! WE HAVE SHAME!” Killing him, stabbing him, and disappearing in such speed.

The money was mine.

“Mine”, I stated pretending I’d found solace.

“Mine….” I repeated, falling as I grew unconscious.

My eyes closed as I pictured those beings in a swimming pool and the water within as their new clothes.


Now that I’ve told you everything, officer, where am I to go? Yes, I’m the one who called you.

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