Piso mojado – Short Horror Story

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"You're going to be in a movie." J thought that was kind of cool so he went along with it. "It's a Quentin Tarantino movie." J wondered how they could possibly make an interesting enough movie in the boring psych ward. "There's going to be a stunt, we want to make sure nobody gets hurt." "This guy is going to steal a pair of shoes and you are going to take them back." J was suddenly grabbed by staff and carried into a corner room quickly and given an unknown injection in his butt. Normally they lock people in the corner room for acting up. Suddenly J was aware that everybody could hear his thoughts and communicate with him in his head. "You're going to die in here. Piso mojado." Bewildered, J asked the staff if this was a snuff film.

The staff member nodded his head yes. J knew somehow that the door wasn't locked so he stepped out of the corner room. There was a 250 pound man on the pay phone and there was a chair right next to him. J was given the directions to sit down and survey the area. Suddenly he had a feeling that he was in good hands and everything would be okay. He sat in the chair and started scanning the room left to right. When his head was all the way to the right the large man on the phone got the que. "Now." CRACK!!! The phone made a loud noise when it struck the back of J's head and he went flying off the chair. Now unconscious, bleeding profusely out of his head he wet the floor with a giant puddle of blood. Piso mojado.

submitted by /u/14footbadger

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