Perfection : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

“Pull the iv out for me, will you Samuel?”

Those were the first words she heard when she was created

Sitting on a stool, facing a desk with a mirror was a girl, around 17-18ish, her face was pale white, her cheeks had a light blush, with red painted lips

“I can’t believe I let Jess make the designs, she looks like a toy doll, literally.”

That voice echoed in her head, never having perfection to say, only imperfection to object to, In truth, he was right…… She would always be imperfect.

No matter how many muscles replaced, medications given, “mood switching” She could never do what she was programmed to do,

She got up from the stool, walking across the checkered tile, she bent down to face a Person, lying face down on the cold floor,

“I was never perfect enough, was I ?

She had finally fulfilled her purpose.

<command.z><program/run/:Capture, immobilize, kill /run program

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