Ostracized – Short Horror Story

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It was hot. Hotter than hell itself. Mark was almost crawling. He had been trapped in the heat for seven days. Without water for two. Some of his skin had started to peel off. He couldn’t even cry anymore. He didn’t have anyway to make new tears. Mark got up off the ground and started limping his way north. He saw something. Or at least he thought he saw something. It was a hospital. He was saved. If Mark could’ve he would’ve cried from happiness. He started to limp faster, but he misstepped and twisted his ankle. He screamed in agony. He saw someone pass him. “Help! Help! Help!” Although he wanted to scream these words they came out as hoarse whispers. He reached his arm out to grab the man’s foot, but the man kicked his hand away. He then stomped on his good leg. He couldn’t move. Mark couldn’t move. He was so close to safety, but instead of getting help he was left cooking in the sun. Ever since his car accident he had been asking, no screaming, for people to help but no one did. Now Mark do close to safety was left to die.

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