MY SON BEN – Short Horror Story

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I even tried to work at a clinic, however, medical facilities don't accept applicants with criminal histories, oddly enough. I had to find another way. There were no blood drives left to rob and my count was getting too low to provide.

Little Ben was getting weaker. Weaker than I'd ever seen him. His skin turned faint purple and his eyes grew bloodshot. I needed to do something. I called my co-worker, Vince, and invited him over for dinner. To my surprise, he accepted the offer. He wanted to see my new place. And in a few hours, he'd be here.

I told Ben to stay in his room and take a nap. I knew the lamps would irritate him. Vince knocked on the door and I let him in. I asked about how things were going with his new girlfriend as I led him to the kitchen. He rambled on and on but I really couldn't hear anything. I was too focused.

I came to the table clutching two bowls of pasta. I didn't have much time to prepare anything better but it didn't matter. I watched closely as Vince spooned more and more food into his mouth, and noticed his face beginning to turn numb. He grew quiet. Dropping his spoon as his fingers got weaker. Vince's drowsy eyes started to wane.

"You okay, Vince?" I played along. Suddenly, Vince fell from his chair with a great thud.

CHING. CHING. CHing. Ching. His spoon skipped across the floor.

I grabbed his legs and drug him to the bathroom. Then hooked under his armpits and plopped him in the tub. I made my way to Ben's room and creaked his door open. His wheezing echoed in the dark room.

"Ben," I whispered, "you ready?" He turned towards me with a face so swollen, the hills of his cheeks were in his eyes. I turned the hallway lights off and he followed me to the bathroom. I pointed to Vince, "no neck, just wrist," I continued, "come to the kitchen when you're done," I said. Ben nodded.

I left him alone. Then scooped up the bowls and did the dishes. For hours, I sat in silence. Finally, the bathroom door creaked, and Ben emerged from the darkness, mouth covered in blood. His skin had color again, and his swelling had gone down. Our eyes met, and I gave him a smile.

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