my scary stalker/halloween story (Part 1) : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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(for the purpose of my story i will use a different name for me and my friends)

my name is David and at the time of this story it was October 30 2021at 9:27 and me and my friends which ill call Mathew, Jordan, Anthony, Adrian, Lily, Cynthia, and Adriana and were going to do a scare night. this is a tradition for us 14 year old’s on the night before Halloween we would get together and buy scary Halloween costumes and would play hide and go seek throughout my neighborhood and we lived in a large one so it was going to be hard when the seeker is picked we would run and the seeker would count in his house while putting on his costume in this case Jordan was the seeker as soon as he closed his house door I ran as fast as I could and lily followed me when hid behind some bushes and to stay hidden we hid in different sides after a couple of minutes I heard lily get out and run behind a house for no reason she said to change spots. I didn’t follow as I thought my spot was good while I hid I notice something when I looked behind me into the forest I thought I saw a tall human like figure that seemed to be wearing a hoodie I didn’t think much of it and continued to hide. then I started to hear faint crunches of leaves behind me and I got a text message from lily in bold text it said stay calm and listen Jordan’s coming up behind you I replied ok got it and I sprinted towards lily and we both ran but while running we were scared shitless when we saw Jordan pop out of the corner wearing a scary ass clown mask and we screamed after he called us scary cats we went to the time out in the middle of my front yard

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