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My parents stabbed me and tried to abuse me

A couple of days ago, we started with this sentence, we were a normal family, I put the stab wounds thing on reddit in a smaller forum, now I am going to explain the reality behind those stab wounds, my parents were “normal” people, nothing creepy, just that if they hung out for a long time in the storage room (they had turned it into a living room), where does the macabre begin? The macabre begins that since I was little, I wanted to enter that room and they always told me that at eighteen I could enter, the years passed, my sister, oh little sister, if I had known before, my sister turned 18, and one week later she disappeared, it was a hard blow for me since I have Asperger’s syndrome, and she helped me find friends, we were only a year apart, my parents were always very conservative, to the point that they got, and the truth is that this is a key point in the story, that I did not sympathize much with the girls, in order to keep me a virgin, and the same with my sister, well the police in my country considered the case closed when they found no trace of the corpse (we must add that tremendous sons of bitches so as not to search, nor to have a little imagination) after all, time passed and on April 21 I turn 18, finally, finally I could enjoy my parents’ parties with their friends, how naive I was, the day i was going to enter the first thing i saw in my storage room, it was not furniture, nor a sofa, nothing like that, there was a star, painted red, when the police arrived, they confirmed that it was made with blood, it took a while since they undressed, both the boys and the women, they painted with blood that they had in a bucket, which was already coagulated, they painted the sensitive parts, the face, and the chest, I realized, as soon as they began to speak Latin, I failed, since I am always interested Latin and I know how to speak it perfectly, they were offering my body to a god of Catholicism, so quickly, even with my cell phone, I called the police so they could track my signal and come look for me, it worked but in the struggle so they wouldn’t kill me stab wounds twice in the chest and abdomen the stab wounds were practically fatal, I was in a coma for about 2 days, until I woke up, they told me that they found part of several 18-year-old boys dead, yes, you guessed it, there was the body of my sister, who did not run with the same lucky me

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