my love – Short Horror Story

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Hey how are you, you haven't replied to my messages ,now I know I KNOW! I've sent a lot of them but at least you can do is reply I just want to hear that Soft voice of yours. Those cute lips, your smooth face, I just want you next to me again. Do you remember our date. We were at your house it was dark out and I had to let myself in, now that was red flag number one you should have opened the door for me, but I pushed your rudeness aside and headed upstairs and saw, NOT ready for our date! I was mad I wanted to teach you a lesson so I made my way downstairs and grab a knife just to scare you and teach you not to do that again. I ran upstairs expecting a apology I opened the door and you just stood there shocked. I had to teach you, my hand slipped I didn't mean to………………I did, I did mean to you deserve it how long have we known each other 1 or 2 years now I'm in court because of you, they're saying I'm a stalker that I'm sick in the head. How am I in the wrong, but I know I'm gonna go away because of you but when I get out let's have our second date

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