My Delusional Mom – Short Horror Story

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"Do you want to talk to trees?!."

"No, she is going crazy with all these stuff happening. Leave her alone old man."

I never forget that conversation. After my mom died, they buried her under "the tall old tree in the garden", as she always wanted.

"She was the one who planted the seed of that tree when she was a little kid." my brother insisted.

So stupid. What's the point of being so dramatic like this. It doesn't matter where you are buried, you're just a corpse anyway.

I never had a good relationship with my mom. She believed in things I never believed in. Ghosts, spirits, scary stuff, to the point she never attended my 20th birthday because she was scared of the house we lived in.

She always took her time going out and only coming back late. What's so scary about this house?!.

"She wants to talk to me, I can feel it. But I'm too scared to go for it".

"There is no such thing as ghosts, Emily. The tree is not haunted. Now shut up, you weren't this scary when we first married".

That useless husband of her. Should I call him dad?!. I rather he goes to hell with that attitude. And what you call it?!. Rebellious phase?!. No, I'm not like that, AT ALL.

But to be honest, even though he was like that and badmouthed mom, I always agreed with him. There is no ghost in this house. I never saw one, not even felt one.

My mom was always acting so dramatic.

"Do you want to talk to trees?!."

"No, she is going crazy with all these stuff happening. Leave her alone old man."

"Yes. I want to …"

He didn't listen to me. SHE didn't listen to me.

I thought that you were my mom, but you prefer your weird fantasy to your own child. I know it's always hard reaching out to you when you are like that. But you have to at least listen to me.

There is no ghost. There is no scary stuff. There is nothing.

At the end, she never succeeded to prove her crazy beliefs. I never wanted to get cold with you after that day, I'm sorry mom.

But, today is a good day.

The wind brushes my leaves very gently. And birds sing very beautiful on my branches.

Maybe mom is trying to talk to me again?!. Heh. Maybe ghosts do exist ….

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