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I live in a dimension filled with monsters. It's not so bad most of the time. People still have regular lives and regular jobs. We laugh, we love, we go about or days just as I expect people in worlds unlike mine do. In fact, sometimes we forget the monsters exist at all. But every now and then, they remind us of their presence.

The monsters prey on the most vulnerable members of my world. Anyone who can't defend themselves, or can't call for help is at risk of being taken by one of these things. Anyone taken by one of these beasts may wind up dead, or worse. What separates these creatures from simple animals, and makes them truly monstrous is that they don't hunt for food, or any form of survival need at all. They hunt down the weak and defenseless simply because they derive some sort of pleasure from inflicting anguish on other living beings. The twisted and unspeakable acts these monsters perform on their hapless victims is worse than any stories of boogeymen or vampires could convey. I tell you this so that you may understand that these creatures are not misunderstood monsters, nor are they capable of being reasoned with, nor deserving of any sympathy. It's often said in my world that these creatures are proof that hell is real.

If you're curious what these monsters look like, then you're not alone. We've long sought a way to identify these creatures, but the monsters are invisible to us most of the time. You could walk by one -or even have one living in your home- and never even know. It's often only once it's too late to you realize what may have been lurking right under your nose.

The problem is taken so seriously that my world has teams of specially trained agents in nearly every city who's sole job is to hunt these creatures down. Sometimes they get lucky and find one before it has a chance to strike. Unfortunately, due to the nature of these beings, finding them usually means they have already hunted, and some soul has been snuffed out, or broken beyond repair. I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who hunt these creatures, because I know I wouldn't be strong enough to bear that burden myself.

Yet, somehow, despite everything I have told you, there are those who forget these beasts exist, or worse, try to protect them. Living among these creatures is terrifying enough without making the problem worse from within.

Sometimes I dream about living in a world where these creatures don't exist, but I know that will never be possible for me.

To anyone reading this, I simply want to say; if you happen to come from a world unlike mine without these monsters, then count yourself fortunate. If your world is similar to mine, then you have my deepest sympathies. I can only hope that this problem does not extend beyond my reality.

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