– Short Horror Story


Darkened room. Sunlight through the windows. Alexa is asleep.

“What are you doing? It’s so late! Wake up!”


Lights are on. Alexa takes a shower and brushes her teeth.


Alexa is moving around the house. She grabs a box of Frosty Fruity’s cereal and a carton of MooMoo 100% Full Fat Milk–

”No! You’re already so fat! Stop eating more sugar!”

–sits down to eat. Application used: YouTube. Video Playing: Crazy Carl: Origins. Coming to Theatres May

“ISN’T THAT R-RATED? Stop watching such filth! You’re poisoning your mind!”


Alexa calls Uber. Car Plate number: S6347Z Destination: Couriway Mall. Payment deducted from NETS: $5.50


Alexa goes into Hotake Ramen and orders Yuzu Tonkotsu Ramen. Payment deducted from NETS: $27.30


Alexa buys one cone of Tokyo Cream Cheese Ice Cream, single scoop

“Stop eating ice cream! You’re already so fat!”


Alexa enters Alcremie Bakery and picks up one white box with a pink ribbon. Assistant (30M) hands her six candles–four big pink ones, one small pink one.



Alexa calls an Uber. Car Plate Number: S2003G Destination: 4 Bonsly Road. Payment deducted from NETS: $9.30


Darkened room. Empty takeout containers and pizza boxes covered with mold. A woman (42F) in the middle of it all, her eyes glued to a tablet.

“Happy birthday Mom.”

I finally tear my eyes away from my tablet to see Alexa smiling at me. But her smile is forced, strained.

“Hi Alexa dear,” I say awkwardly. “Long time no see.”

Alexa strides over to glance at my tablet, noting her own worried face staring back. She struggles to keep on her smile.

Her face was defeated. Resigned.

*“Happy birthday, Mum,” she says again. Then she leaves.

After she closes the door, I am left in the dark with the big white box. Her only and probably her last gift to me.

I gently unwrap it. It’s a cake, covered in snow-white frosting. The words ‘Happy Birthday Mom’ piped in pink icing.

Despite myself, a tear rolls down my cheek. After treating Alexa like shit all these years, she still bothers to get me a cake and come to my house to wish me happy birthday. She still loves me.

Maybe I just am a horrible parent.

I get a knife, run it under the tap, then cut myself a big slice. The inside is a beautiful light brown. Chocolate. She even got me my favourite.

I bite into the slice, letting it melt in my mouth, letting the nutty flavours dance on my tongue…

Wait. Nutty?

This isn’t chocolate.

My face feels like it’s on fire. I claw my face, shred off strips of my skin and flesh, but the itch is still there, unrelenting. Then my throat closes up, and I thrash on the floor, desperately hoping for air.

But air doesn’t come.


Alexa sits in La Molotov bar, drinking a Queen Mary Cocktail. She is smiling.

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