Mike made one Mistake, he had never done one Before; the Punishment was too much : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

“Hey, aunt?”

Aunt? Why is this happening? I know the accident killed mom and dad but even so; I can’t understand why this is happening.”

Mark was the name. He had been his whole life with his now deceased parents. He lived in a warm house with his own room and it was perfectly warm or cold depending on the season, of course.

Now he had to move with Aunt Mary. Mary was Sandra’s sister(mom). Mary was the nicest Aunt someone could’ve ever asked for. She bought him every toy you could think of if he asked for it. Sometimes even behind Sandra’s wishes. She didn’t want a spoiled kid.

“This will be our little secret sweety.” She’d whisper to him every time she snuck in to hand him his toy or whatever he wanted that day. 

She brought him the best gifts at his birthday parties too. And sometimes even insisted they allowed her to buy the cake for Mark. He loved her and she loved him back. A little too much. She couldn’t have children of her own so it was a way to compensate for her unfortunate situation.

But then Mark was being a bit too much on a drive where the four of them were in. Dad, mom, Mark and Mary. 

Somehow he distracted his dad so much they were t-boned by another car. Only Mary and Mark made it out alive and uninjured. Not the parents. As I said before.

Mary got the house which she sold. Moved to a cheap apartment. She had lost all of her happiness and love she once had in her. Even a will to live.

She never bought him anything again. She blamed him for the lost of her sister who she really loved. They were twins. Not identical. I forgot to mention that part. I’m sorry. 

Mark now had a little sheet set on the floor. Actually none of them have a bed yet. It was obvious he might’ve never get one for himself for how things were looking out for him. She fed him normal food. Cheap one. It wasn’t too tasty but he had given up on asking her why she was treating him like that. He just took it. 

But there was a part he couldn’t take but had to endure. The landlord had given her special permission. Mark couldn’t be there if she wasn’t there though. So everyday she walked him up to the roof before work and chained him so he wouldn’t fall off the building by mistake. 

Mark was no Mark anymore. Mary never even called him by his name again. She just dragged him to wherever she needed him. 

Mark had gone from being their baby to just the damn dog she was trying to give up for adoption.

Mark was a beautiful Samoyed dog. And he was sad. Just as Mary.

But she never forgave him so she sent him to a shelter where he’d… no need to tell you that part. 

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