Midnight Man pt1 : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Joseph Neele is the manager of a very well-known pizza restaurant. He stands at six foot, three inches tall, and weighs approximately 200 pounds. Not a small man by any means. Joseph’s restaurant closes at twelve O’clock in the morning every night. It’s one of the busiest restaurants in the small state of Wyoming. Joseph comes from a family of four, and is the second oldest. He’s a twenty-five year old man with big dreams and ambitions. He has a total of 11 employees for his restaurant, but only three close the restaurant with him. Kaley is a beautiful blonde waitress that has piercing blue eyes, and is working her way towards college. She is nineteen years old, and has a crush on Joseph. Randall is Joseph’s closing cook. He’s a thirty-three year old man and is short in stature. His belly hangs over his pants, and his black hair is thinning on top. His eyeglass always sit on the end of his nose, and his attitude is less than enthusiastic. Joseph’s dishwasher is a young kid named Todd. He’s fresh out of high school, and hangs out with the wrong type of people. Todd has so much potential to do great things. He’s witty and quick on his feet. He chooses to take the easy roads that get him nowhere. Todd is nearly as tall as Joseph with light-brown hair, and dark brown eyes. He’s very slender in stature, but incredibly strong. One night, Joseph called for the doors to the pizzeria to be closed. Kaley was the one that usually locked the doors to the restaurant. For some reason, she didn’t respond. “Kaley?” Joseph said her name, questioningly. “Did you hear me?” Joseph stopped counting the money in the cash register and looked up. Kaley was nowhere to be found. He quickly wrote down the amount of money he counted on a piece of paper, and closed the register. Joseph walked around the lobby, only to discover that Kaley was cleaning the restroom. He sighed in relief. Joseph noticed a person sitting at a table in the corner of the restaurant. It was a man, maybe in his late thirties or early forties. He had on a heavy black coat and a baseball cap was pulled over his face. It was a dark summer night, and Joseph was confused as to why the man was wearing this heavy coat. “Excuse me sir, we’re closed.” Joseph was barely able to get the words out of his mouth. “No you’re not.” The mysterious man smiled sinisterly. “Excuse me? It’s midnight sir, the restaurant is closed for business tonight. Feel free to come back in the morning. We open at ten in the morning.” “Do you value your life?” The man was blunt with his question. “W-what?” Joseph stammered. The man stood up from the table and drew a pistol. Joseph instantly recognized him as the man raised his head. This man was on the FBI most wanted list. He was a serial killer that escaped from prison in Nevada. Randall and Todd entered the dining room from the back of the restaurant. They usually did this when they were finished with their tasks to get Joseph’s approval to go home. “What is this?” Randall cried. The man turned to him, and fired a shot. It pierced Randall’s chest and he fell back to the ground, blood stained his chest instantly.

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