Lucky Foot : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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Every year around October me and my friends like to go camping, we consider it to be our end-of-the-year ritual. For three nights we go without phones, electricity, housing, and running water. All of us have been pretty close since grade school and use these camping trips as an opportunity to catch up with each other. Each year we try to choose a different location and this year we decided on Linville Gorge in North Carolina.

The night before our camping trip me, Dell, James, and Jerome met at a local bar to celebrate 30 years of friendship. While all of us were in the same place I used this as an opportunity to introduce everyone to Jess, my fiance. The guys took well to her and everyone had a good time, she even tried to convince us to let her go.

The next day we woke up early to prep for the trip, each guy is responsible for packing certain items. I’m responsible for packing food, Jerome is responsible for packing survival gear, Dell is in charge of sleeping gear, and James is in charge of entertainment. With everything all packed, we started to load the Van. With the vehicle full our families came out to say their goodbyes. Jessica was still a little upset that I was leaving without her, so I was surprised when she gifted me her lucky rabbit’s foot.

When we arrived at the campsite I was blown away by the scenery. The wind was whistling around me, animals were chattering, and insects humming. The sea of green forest washed over my anxiety, and the view of the sun setting over the mountains calmed my spirit. With night quickly approaching we decided to start a campfire. After a couple of beers and walks down memory lane, we decided to turn in for the night.

With everyone fast asleep, Jerome’s frightened cries for help interrupted the silence and calmness of the night. Everyone quickly rushed over to his sleeping bag, but there was nothing but a hole there. We slowly approached the hole and were horrified to find blood and shreds of his sleeping bag inside. Before any of us could react to the gruesome sight, a large hole suddenly engulfed Dell.

I couldn’t see whatever was in the hole, but it was ripping him apart. It was as if he fell into a meat grinder or garbage disposal. Without Uttering a word to each other me and James made a beeline for the van. While running I noticed a loud thumping and grunting sound coming from behind us. Whatever killed Dell and Jerome was now chasing us, but I was too afraid to look back and see what it was.

After running for what felt like an eternity we finally made it to the van. Once at the van, we attempted to open the doors, but the van was locked. And that’s when we realized Jerome had the keys.

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