learning from an experience : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I dreaded the room around me. Abnormal drawings scattered upon the wall, and spine-chilling objects dispersed everywhere. At the dead of night, it seemed awfully scary that a tiny figure was sat on a seat, shrieking at the shimmering surface. I breathed loud — just a little too loud. That thing ahead stood up, but prior it glanced in my direction and could spot me, I dashed and concealed under the bed aside.

From the perspective beneath the bed, I saw a silhouette gazing at the chamber’s door that I accidentally left open. “Wait, something’s here,” it said with serenity. From that voice, I recalled it: One of this figure’s kind had seeked many of mine. Oh crap. This nimrod had got me cornered underneath the bed, and if I move, I’m dead.

It vacated the seat and stood motionless. “Is something under the bed?” it inquired. I stopped my breath for as lengthy a time as I could, till my optics were clear as day that the figure returned onto the chair. I writhed with absolute silence exiting the bed. I spotted something outside the window, and so did that thing on the seat. It shook its arm, and that thing out of the window seemed pressed.

Then a box on the silhouette’s table began to glow. “Oh, it’s a message from him,” it stated. With some bizarre hand movements, it changed the glow on the box. I found a word on the shining box. It read ‘RUN.’ I surmised that somehow I was discovered. The next shine was an image. An image of — me behind it.

If there was a single extraordinary thing about this incident, it’s that I have a way, way larger surplus of experience now. Now I know that the silhouette I was frightened and absolutely terror-struck about is called a ‘boy’. No, actually there’s another plus: I’m in the boy now, dissimulating it, learning that humans are actually not as aggressive and horrifying as I had previously anticipated. Guess humans were correct: Experience is the father/mother of wisdom.

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