Karma’s Hurthouse : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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A man watches a screen in an empty room.

The screen turns on. It shows a building that’s large, white, windowless, and about four stories high. A girl in her late teens pops up in front of the camera. She has dark reddish skin, shiny black eyes, long black hair, large bat-like wings, and tall, symmetrical horns. The girl wears a white button-up shirt and white pants. She announces directly to the camera:

“Hell-o to all humans, special or dead! Have you been abused, cheated, killed, or otherwise hurt by another human? Well, send ’em down to Karma’s Hurthouse!”

The camera pans to the building’s sign, which reads Karma’s Hurthouse in black lettering. The girl keeps talking.

“Now I’m sure you know you can’t choose whether someone is sent here to the lovely land of hell. What you can choose is where they go! Here at Karma’s, we’ve got all the latest technologies to ensure the most agonizing time of your hated one’s existence! Let’s go inside, shall we?”

It cuts to a look at an all-white hallway, lined with sealed-off, prison-like cells. The girl walks in and continues:

“You see, what makes this place special is that we truly care about personalizing your hated one’s torture experience. That’s why we offer the largest variety of torture methods on this side of Dis! We’ve got everything from white torture,”

A woman is shown pacing and muttering in a blindingly white room.

“To eternal drowning,”

A man can be seen scraping at the ceiling of a completely water-filled cell.

“And even infinite spiders!”

Muffled screams come from a cell containing a gigantic mass of spiders. No human is visible.

“Whether they’re getting boiled, burned, or bruised, you can be assured that Karma’s Hurthouse has the right method for you! And with our Flesh Puppet Technology™, you can even have your hated one get repeatedly mauled by any creature of your choosing, no animal cruelty required! It’s the same tech we use in these cells, to ensure that every human feels all the same pain they would if they were alive! It’s great!

Remember, here at Karma’s Hurthouse, every punishment is karmic!”

The camera returns to an outside view. The girl’s voice comes from offscreen, saying:

“Karma’s Hurthouse, high-end torture, located in the city of Dis on the corner of Darkwood and 15th street. Cells are open but going fast, send your hated one here today!”

The screen goes to darkness. The man stares blankly. He looks around. The empty-white room he’s in looks identical to the cells in the advertisement. A realization creeps over him, and he is terrified.

He thinks of all the things that could happen to him yet. Burning? Drowning? Flesh Puppet Technology™? He stands there dreading for a very long time. Then, his memory is erased, and he is shown the ad again. This is his torture. This Sisyphean game of curiosity, then terror, the nothing. Forever, it seems.

“Here at Karma’s Hurthouse, every punishment is karmic!”

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