Judgment – Short Horror Story

The paltry, little man in the white suit sat at the brown desk every single day. He sat there, looking, judging. He judged everyone. He would decide that you weren’t good enough for him and cast you aside. He would subject you to a place where you would be amongst the castigated such as yourself.

But if he liked you, you could go into the finest places. You would live in the fanciest resort with pale blue water and sugary sand. Or if you liked a rich forest with hills of emerald green, you could have it. The world would be yours.

But those judging, evil eyes. You had to follow the rules. He had rules that everyone had to follow or else you would be cast into the dark, cruel depths, metaphorically of course…

Luckily…I’m not too deep into these depths….these metaphorical depths…

And I did mostly follow those rules, those itty bitty little rules that were so arbitrary and he PUT me here for one little mistake. He’s really a piece of work.

This guy—though— even though I said that —- he is very fair in his judgments. He never would do anything unjust. He is fair, strong and wise.

And what he did to me?

It was just….


Forget anything I said.

He’s gonna put me deeper.

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