It’s always so hot in my room : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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It’s always so hot in my room, like a sauna with no humidity.

Dry heat; the feeling of being burned alive, but with no fire in sight.

I already checked the air conditioner… everything seems to be working fine.

I even checked the actual temperature of the room with a thermometer… it read 68 degrees fahrenheit…

My mother came into my room and said it felt fine- that maybe I was just feeling things…

I of course thought that she was lying. I couldn’t be feeling things, it was my room- I’d know it better than anyone else for crying out loud.

Then came the smell.

It was barely there at first… and then it became more intense.

The smell of something burning.

I thought it was just the food on the stove, but it was only in my room.

Nobody else who came into my room could feel the heat or smell the strong stench of burning flesh.

I was so worried that I decided to call the police and report a house fire.

They came, then they left when they decided that I was lying and fined me 500$ for wasting their ever so precious time.

I walked right out the house when they did, shouting curses and vulgarities that not even I can explain.

When I eventually was calmed by the cool breeze, I turned to face the house.

It was already too late.

I looked down at my hands…. and I was burnt to a crisp.

I never lied to the police.

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