It was tasty – Short Horror Story

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We had a dog named Jim. A golden retriever with the most beautiful hair one has ever seen on a dog. The only problem with him was that he used to bark a lot. It was so damn loud that you could hear it even if you were 10 meters away. Me and my mates were so damn annoyed at him for that. But still he was a sweetheart.

He used to roam around barking and pissing all over the neighborhood, making it dirty.

“If I had a chance, I would fucking kill that little shit,” said my friend loud and clear.

The whole neighborhood heard it and well let's say they didn’t appreciate it.

“Come on, he isn't that bad. I mean pissing all over the place and making a mess doesn’t justify killing it right?

One day he suddenly went missing. The whole neighborhood was so sad, most of the aunts were crying so bad. The prime suspect was my friend, he was accused of killing the dog.

Shame they caught the wrong guy. That annoying piece of shit was worth killing. That day I had a good lunch. Well except for the bones.

submitted by /u/Swag-Shinobi

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