I’m always fair and reasonable : Scary Stories – Short Horror Story

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I’m always fair and reasonable and I don’t care what anyone says. When I was chasing a one legged man I saw that it wasn’t reasonable of me to chase a one legged man. I Admired his determination to run or hop really quickly but I decided to make his body grow a second leg so that he had two legs to run on. He was so happy that he had two legs that he kind of forgot that I was chasing him. When I got up to him I kind of thought to myself that he was actually more faster one legged, maybe because he had become accustomed to only using one leg, and that using two legs was now kind of awkward for him. I caught up to him and killed him fair and square. I also chopped off his legs.

Then when I cornered a man with no arms and I was punching him, I saw that it was unreasonable and unfair to punch a man with no arms. So I made his body grow two arms and he couldn’t believe it. I was happy for him and seeing how grateful he was, I was still punching him but he was able to defend and punch back. Then as I out punched him and chopped off his arms, I also didn’t stop punching him and he was no more. I felt good being fair and reasonable. It’s always important to be fair and reasonable and that way no body can judge you.

When I tried stabbing a man with no body but he had arms, legs and a head, I thought it was unreasonable for me because I couldn’t truly stab him and unfair to this man in general to have no body. So I made his legs, arms and head make a body and so now he had a body. I was stabbing him all over the place. Then there was this one guy who had no head, and I was coming after him. I thought that it would be unfair to chase a man with no head as he wouldn’t know where he was going. So I made his body make a head to make it fair.

He was so excited that he had a head after so long without one and I went up to him and chopped off his head. I’m always fair and reasonable.

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